Stewart James Everett

Tailspin Ales

Optimististic. Nostalgic. Adventurous. Juicy. Exciting.

Branding, packaging and marketing concept for a beer designed to taste good in-flight.
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Did you know things taste different when you're flying?

Certain flavours work much better onboard a plane—recent research suggests it might be because the loud hum of the engines confuses your senses.

One thing that works really well in the air is bitterness. What if we took advantage of that by designing a beer bursting with hops?


The Jet Age is goes hand-in-hand with the aerodynamic form—long, flowing curves and sweeping angles, often reflected in the airports and indeed home furnishings of the mid 20th century.

I wanted to reflect the optimism of the so-called "Golden Age" of aviation to create a perfect companion for world travellers. The beers themselves are named after 3 iconic planes from this time.

Image credits, clockwise from aboveone above and three below: Miguel Ángel Sanz, Inspirationfeed, Arie Wubben, Rich Lemonie

Promotional “passport”—try all 3 in the range to receive a branded Tailspin glass.

Special care has been taken to match each can design with the flavours of the hops that beer is made from.


I designed icons to represent the different kind of flavours found in hops.