Stewart James Everett

Letters to Santa

Fun. Festive. Easy.

Want to spread a little Christmas cheer but don't know what to buy? This app is for you.
personal projectuxillustration

Kids are used to do everything on their phone these days—why not their Christmas wishlist too?

I designed this app concept to make the process of sharing whishlists and coordinating what to buy as easy as possible.

I created a series of illustrations to make the app appear more friendly and fun, and tried to make the app as simple and obvious as possible.

When you create an account, you enter an invite code which adds you to the family or group. You can then enter gift ideas in your wishlist, and see other people's gift ideas.

The app also makes it easy to keep track of what you need to buy, and also lets you show others in the group (except the recipient) know that you're buying the item.