Stewart James Everett

Dark Side of the Moon

Bleak. Monotonous. Threatening.

I went offscreen to reimagine the album cover for Pink Floyd's iconic Dark Side of the Moon.
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I'm a big believer in forging your own path in life and doing what is best for your own self.

One of the things Dark Side of the Moon seems to tell us is that following the path expected of us leads to an unfulfilling life and, ultimately, madness.

This sounds bleak, but I think it offers hope too—you can always get off the path you're on and go play on the grass.

Out of balsa wood and paper, I made a conveyer belt which seems to be carrying men in suits (miniature railway figures) to an uncertain end in what looks like a hopper.

The conveyer belt and suits represent the drab monotony of the status quo. One figure appears to be looking over the fence, perhaps wondering if there is more to life than this. The two central figures are shaking hands, in a homage to the cover for Wish You Were Here.

The handshake might represent the kind of Faustian bargain we are all faced with when choosing financial security over fulfilment.